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What are the common secrets of traditional Chinese medicine foot bath

Soaking feet with traditional Chinese medicine is a very common phenomenon. Many people like to soak feet with traditional Chinese medicine. There are many benefits of soaking feet with traditional Chinese medicine. There are many precautions for foot soaking with traditional Chinese medicine. Let's take a look at the precautions of traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking with me!

There are still many benefits of traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking. We may not know that much, but the misunderstanding of foot soaking must be avoided. Let’s see the detailed introduction below.

Precautions for foot bath with traditional Chinese medicine

Foot bath is to soak your feet with hot water at 35℃~50℃ or medicinal soup of the same temperature, 1~2 times a day, 30~40 minutes each time, 7 days as a course of treatment. Only by maintaining a certain temperature and ensuring the prescribed foot bath time can we ensure the maximum effect of the drug, thereby accelerating the blood circulation, regulating the internal organs, and achieving the purpose of curing diseases and fitness.

How to take a traditional Chinese medicine foot bath, and what problems should be paid attention to when taking a foot bath?

1. Put the prepared traditional Chinese medicine into 2000ml of water and boil it with strong fire for 40 minutes, then simmer to 1000ml of medicinal liquid, add 2000ml of water after taking the juice and decocted to 1000ml; put two medicinal juices in a basin In the middle, soak both feet until the liquid soaks over the ankles. While soaking, perform foot massage, first take the toes, dorsum, heels, soles, front and back of the calf, Zusanli, Chengshan, Yongquan and other points, and then massage the corresponding radiation areas.

2. If the medicinal liquid is cooled during the soaking process, it should be heated before use. It is not advisable to take foot baths within 30 minutes before meals and after meals, especially after meals, so as not to affect digestion. Drink warm water within 30 minutes after the foot bath to facilitate blood circulation and have a certain detoxification effect.

3. The external treatment drugs used in the foot medicated bath are in large doses, and some drugs are still toxic to a certain extent, so they must not be imported. At the same time, all burns, impetigo, chicken pox, measles and foot trauma are not suitable for foot bath. For those with chapped skin on the feet, the water temperature should not be too high. After soaking and washing, wipe dry and apply skin care products.

When taking a foot bath in winter, you should put a large towel on your knees to keep warm, dry your feet immediately after the foot bath, and pay attention to keeping your feet warm.

4. During the foot bath, due to the expansion of blood vessels in the feet and lower extremities, the blood volume increases, which can cause acute ischemia of the head, dizziness and dizziness. At this time, the foot bath should be stopped immediately. People with symptoms such as bleeding should not take a foot bath; those with heart disease and physical weakness should not take a foot bath for too long, generally no more than 10 minutes.

The benefits of traditional Chinese medicine

1. promote blood circulation. The foot has been known as the second heart of the human body since ancient times. From the perspective of health preservation theory, the feet are far from the heart of the human body, and the burden is heavy. Therefore, this place is likely to cause poor blood circulation. Medical classics record: "A person's feet are like the roots of a tree. People age first.” Especially for those who often feel cold hands and feet, foot soaking is an excellent method.

2. stimulate the acupuncture points, reflex zones and meridians of the feet. Many people have done pedicure. When the masseuse presses our feet, they will feel pain and soreness. This situation basically means that there is a problem with our corresponding viscera in the reflex zone.

So, when we finish the foot massage, we will feel relaxed all over. At the same time, there are 6 main meridians on the feet of the human body, including the termination points of the three yang meridians (bladder meridian, stomach meridian, gallbladder meridian), and the starting points of three yin meridians (spleen meridian, liver meridian, kidney meridian), all in the feet. Therefore, soaking your feet is also equivalent to stimulating these six main meridians.

3. it has a very good auxiliary effect on the treatment of many diseases. There is a saying that people often say: "The rich take tonics, and the poor have their feet soaked". It can be seen that the foot bath has a great effect. Especially in modern society, the extensive use of air conditioners and the fact that people generally like to eat cold food, so the body is often cold and damp. By soaking your feet, you can speed up the cold in the body.

Many people who have soaked their feet have this experience. When they soak their feet, they will feel that their knees are very cold, which means that the cold and dampness in the body is being forced out of the body by the hot water and traditional Chinese medicine.

Therefore, if you have a cold or a cold, sometimes you don't need to take medicine, soak your feet, and once you sweat to disperse the cold in your body, it's OK. There are also many people with high blood pressure. If they soak their feet for a long time, the blood circulation of the limbs of the human body will be improved. Therefore, the blood pressure will gradually drop. In short, if you understand the truth and do it yourself, only you know the benefits of soaking your feet.

The secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine soaking feet

1. Indications: low back pain, kidney deficiency back pain, leg weakness

Medication: 50g of cinnamon, 100g of Evodia, 150g of ginger, 50g of shallot, 80g of Chinese prickly ash

Usage: Wrap it in a sand cloth and boil it for 10 minutes. When the water temperature drops to about 40℃, soak it in a steam foot bath for 30 minutes, once a day.

2. Indications: Insomnia

Medication: Evodia 40g rice vinegar (white vinegar) appropriate amount

Usage: Decoction with Evodia Fructus, add warm water, then add rice vinegar and soak your feet in a steam foot bath for 30 minutes, once a day.

3. Indications: neurasthenia

Medication: Nocturnal vine 500g.

Usage: After decocting the medicine and removing the residue, mix it with warm water and soak your feet in a steam foot bath for 30 minutes, once a day.

4. Indications: Tinea pedis, chapped sores

Medication: 100 ml of vinegar.

Usage: Mix vinegar with warm water, soak your feet in a steam foot bath for 30 minutes, once a day

5. Indications: dysmenorrhea

Medication: 400 grams of cumin.

Usage: After decocting the medicine and removing the slag, mix it with warm water and soak your feet in a steam foot bath for 30 minutes, once a day.

Conclusion: Through the above article, do we have a certain understanding of the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking? There are many benefits of traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking, but there are also many precautions. The secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking introduced above, we can also Give it a try, I hope the above introduction can help you.


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